We get you more introductions to:

Family Offices
Private Equity Firms
Retail Investors


What we do

We have a proprietary process that leverages technology and big data. We build custom LinkedIn systems that grow networks, generate demand, and create relationships. Our main goal is to facilitate quality introductions to the types of investors that you need to get in front of.

Meet our department heads


Jeffrey Berlin, CEO


Shea Arend, Sales


Kyle Wright, Business Development


Haden Ross, Customer Success


How we help

We grow your LinkedIn with the type of investors you need to network with, rank you higher within the search results, optimize your profile for conversion, and build demand. This results in more conversations and investors booking time on your calendar.

Use us

The traditional methods of getting in front of investors are great but we believe our methods are better. With a retention rate of 84% (finance clients as of 7/22), we pride ourselves on offering a white glove service that goes above and beyond.

Client Retention Rate