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Jeffrey Berlin, CEO

Currently Seeking A Infrastructure/Energy & Commercial Real Estate Advisor.

We seek those and prefer someone with a background from Lazard, Brown Brothers Harriman, Blackstone, Evercore, Goldman Sachs, or comparable firms.


About Us

Our Focus & Purpose,
We exist to help your team and deal become more tailored to what Family Office & Institutional Investors expect to see. From the team, operations, and financial economics, this is only part of what a Family Office or institution will look at when considering deploying equity.


Our services are typically bundled and used at will to execute a client request. Client objectives may be JV equity sourcing, debt sourcing, capital stack advisory, operations, institutional underwriting advisory, and discreet off-market disposition of real estate or businesses.


Here are some of our recent successful executions


Dec 2022: Off-market asset sourcing

Sourced a heavily discounted assisted living asset for a Boston-based Private Equity firm. Assets were acquired at nearly 50% less than what the institution paid for it just 3-4 years prior.

Fall 2023: Institutional Capital Advisory For a Multifamily Syndication group based in Charlotte NC.

Advised the team underwriting, and fee structure, as well as suggested a performance-based economic payout model that favored the investor. This model is the standard for what Family Offices and institutions expect to see. This group had not gotten institutional money before so this is something we worked on and was only one of the things we advised on for them. Our goal was to reform the above things to execute this group’s first Family Office/Institutional level equity check. This was during one of the most difficult capital-raising environments in over a decade. After the consulting we did for the group, the group went back to their raise and secured their first Family Office Equity check.

Our relationships include Family Offices, Private Equity Funds, Pensions, & Sovereign Wealth Funds.

It is our job to bring them only the best deals and teams.


Our current client's asset focus for 2024 is industrial real estate, infrastructure, multifamily, and possibly oil & energy.